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    Over Seven Years

    Bixin owns the top security team in the
    industry. We built a robust risk control
    system to monitor abnormal data in
    real-time and ensure the security of users' 
    accounts and transactions. Technologies 
    such as hot/cold wallet separation, 
    multi-signatures, and military-grade 
    hardware encryption mechanisms provide
    a bank-level security for your crypto 

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    Powerful & Simple
    A Crypto Wallet For

    We provide powerful, flexible, and 
    easy-to-use tools for blockchain assets, 
    and are committed to enabling everyone to 
    hold, use, and manage their crypto 
    currencies with ease. Bixin products are easy
    to understand and deliver a smooth
    experience. Any users can use the app
    hassle free.

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    All-in-one Platform
    From transfer to payment, from Buy&Sell of crpto currencies to Escrow Bixin meets all
    your needs and offers you one-stop
    operations.We are continuously improving
    to provide users more easy-to-use features.
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Bixin BTC Wallet
Bixin BTC Wallet
  • · Effectively intercept criminals
  • · Eliminate terrorist fundraising
  • · Standard AML
Identity Verificaiton
KYC & Face Recognition
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